Five Reasons to Fit CCTV at Home

There are plenty of good reasons to monitor business premises with video footage, but are there also benefits of fitting CCTV at your home? Given that more and more Australians are opting for domestic video security, you may have been considering its merits. Nowadays, it is less expensive than it used to be, so why might you install security cameras around your property to protect it? One – Intruder Deterrent Read More 

How much can you expect to pay for your home alarm system?

More people are realising the importance of securing their homes with alarm systems that can deter threats before they cause any harm. However, alarm systems have been thought of as being too expensive for some homeowners. While there are certainly some pricy systems in the market, what you will actually end up paying will depend on certain features that the system has. In addition, many other factors can affect your final bill. Read More 

4 Modern Home Security Devices That Will Quell Your Nerves

The majority of Australians spend decades paying off their home mortgage loans, while filling their homes with countless items they couldn't imagine living without, just to leave all of this valuable property 'guarded' by nothing more than a collection of simple locks, expecting their things to remain safe. Though some say that overall crime rates are on the decrease, it is the age of the internet, where anyone can order advanced lock picking kits from foreign countries for a few dollars. Read More 

Security in Sync: Get Your Entire System Working Together

Whether you love new technology or find it a little hard to get used to, there's no denying that it has a major place in our society — and that its role is growing bigger every day. Now, there's a smartphone application for practically everything, from finding a public bathroom to translating different languages in real time. Not every advance is applicable to every person's life — but one piece of technology that really might be good for everybody is the updated security system. Read More 

Understanding a Few Differences Between a Commercial and Residential Electrician

If you own or manage a business of any sort, you will probably need to call an electrician to come out to the location and service the wiring at one time or another; the same is true if you're a homeowner. However, when you do need an electrician, it's good to understand the differences between a commercial electrician and residential electrician, so you can know why you need one versus the other. Read More