Three Crucial Parts Of Apartment Security Systems

Security systems are often thought of as something that is more vital for stand-alone homes, but more and more Australians are choosing to live in apartment buildings, and those that do should have the right to be protected as well. These security systems are often a little bit different, as the tenants don't usually have permission to make any structural changes to the house. Luckily, modern security systems are much more adaptable than ever before, and there is something for every apartment across Australia. Whether you are on the top floor or the bottom, here are three crucial security components your apartment should have.

Motion Sensor

Perhaps one of the most useful security elements in an apartment is a simple motion sensor that can be linked up to an external monitoring company or just your own mobile device. All you need to do is place the motion sensor in the front room of your apartment, and there is no way anyone would be able to get in or out without you being alerted to their presence. As most apartments only have one entrance, this is a very cheap way to eliminate the chance of a sneaky burglary or other intrusions.

Broken Glass Sensor

A relatively new type of sensor, these machines can cover one windowpane or a whole room full of windows, depending on the model. If you are worried about someone trying to bypass the front door and perhaps break in one of the windows of your living or bedroom, then a broken glass sensor is a simple solution. These are very easy to place, and once they are installed, they are out of sight and out of mind, while still giving you the peace of mind that no one is going to break a window without you finding out about it.

Panic Button

These are devices that will instantly either ring your external monitoring company or the police directly. A panic button is great because it does not alert the intruder that you have called the police, and it is much faster and quieter than physically calling somebody. Once you receive an alert from your motion or broken-glass sensors, you can just immediately hit the panic button and lock yourself in your room while waiting for the authorities to arrive. These panic buttons do not need to be connected to a landline and can be very compact, so they can be stored almost anywhere. 

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