Is It Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Alarm System?

Your commercial facility's alarm system is a very important part of your business; after all, what is the point of receiving inventory, manufacturing a product, or investing in new computer equipment if you don't keep those items safe on your property?  While a basic alarm system can provide some security for your commercial building, note when it's time to upgrade that system to something newer and more advanced, and which can offer the most security for your building, your inventory, and even your staff.


If your commercial security system uses a landline for communication between cameras and recording devices, or between the alarm and emergency services, consider that these lines can be cut or tampered with somewhat easily. This can then render your alarm system virtually useless. Landlines also mean that your systems cannot be updated wirelessly, such as being able to watch the camera's view from your smartphone at home or being able to upgrade the software of the system with new virus protection over the internet. Upgrade to a wireless system for more protection and ease of use, if the alarm system is still connected to a land line.

Complicated codes

If you're relying on your staff to enter codes for setting the alarm, for designating different zones, or for properly disarming the system, and the codes needed for all these functions are complicated and difficult to remember, this can risk a failure to properly arm the system. It might also cause false positives if someone should inadvertently set the alarm to a zone where workers are still present. Upgraded systems can work with shorter codes and may have panels that are easier to understand so that there are fewer mistakes when using the system.

Specific codes and identification

While an older system might work with various codes, these may be limited in number; in turn, you may not be able to track which employee set or shut off the alarm at particular times. You might also be limited as to how each code works, such as controlling the entire system versus being able to allow only certain employees into certain areas. A biometrics system can work with fingerprints or an eye scan, for even more security than a code. An upgraded system may also offer more flexibility for controlling access to different zones. Upgraded systems may also work with timers so that they automatically switch off at certain times, and then you wouldn't even need to trust employees with codes and access to the system.

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