Automated Systems: The Future of Security

Automation and artificial intelligence are both an increasingly important part of modern life. Not only are automated systems, such as robots and intelligent assembly lines, used more and more in industrial and manufacturing settings, they have crept into our homes in all sorts of ways too.

For example, your smartphone probably already makes suggestions of what you want to use it for or who you want to call based on your previous uses. Intelligent software won't simply guess that you'd like to repeat yourself. It will base its recommendations on where you are or what time of the day or night it happens to be.

Such intelligent methods and sophisticated algorithms are used in automation for many security measures these days. How is automation shaping the way that security systems are built today?

Automatic Gates

Moving gates are nothing new. A motor can be fixed to a wide variety of gates which will close them after your departure to ensure your business premises or home stays secure. Many of these systems work with a touchpad controller or a radio frequency indicator which you keep on your person to gain access. However, what happens if your entry code is observed or you lose your key fob so that anyone can open your gates? Automation has the answer with the ability to intelligently re-programme your system in the event that something goes awry. Modern systems of this type can have their entry codes and identifiers altered multiple times a day, if needed, and will even auto-detect if the system has been compromised.

Dropping Bollards

When you need to make an area secure from the possibility of it being rammed into by a vehicle, then automated bollards are the answer. Not only do these systems drop automatically when you want authorised personnel to get past, but they will move back into their upright position by themselves afterwards. Artificially intelligent ones will stop if there is something blocking the way, such as a child playing nearby, for example. However, they will alert a security guard in such circumstances so that the potential breach of security that might result is known about.

Face Recognition

CCTV systems have long been a preferred method of providing video surveillance in bars, hotels, banks and shopping malls. However, they often produce lots of images which take a long time to go through following an incident. With the latest face recognition software, all a system needs is a decent still of a potential suspect and access to the internet. Here, it will be able to compare the face in question with millions of online images to come up with a series of matches.