4 Modern Home Security Devices That Will Quell Your Nerves

The majority of Australians spend decades paying off their home mortgage loans, while filling their homes with countless items they couldn't imagine living without, just to leave all of this valuable property 'guarded' by nothing more than a collection of simple locks, expecting their things to remain safe.

Though some say that overall crime rates are on the decrease, it is the age of the internet, where anyone can order advanced lock picking kits from foreign countries for a few dollars. So, how can you keep yourself, your family and your belongings safe from these advanced burglars?

Surveillance Cameras

They've been around for a few decades now, but since their first iteration, security cameras have come a long way. There are now almost countless capabilities your cameras could have: night vision, sound recording, weather resistance, remote controllability, battery operation, Wi-Fi, etc. Many modern CCTV systems even allow for online, remote viewing from your smartphone.

Smart Locks

Fingerprint-sensing door locks may have seemed decades away just a few years ago, but they are actually now quite affordable now, along with digital code locks, key card locks and even Bluetooth locks which you can unlock using your smartphone.

Intercom Systems

Are you curious who's at your door, but too busy in the office to check? Modern intercom systems leave you with countless more options than a common peephole.  Front-door intercom systems allow for remote communications with people at your door, which can come in handy if you're cautious, but trying not to seem rude. Have you ever tried talking to someone through a closed door? It's not easy, nor inviting. Some intercom options even allow for remote viewing of and communication with visitors at your door via smartphone and can offer you the ability to allow visitors into your home when you're out and about.

LED Spotlights

What simpler way to deter a potential thief at night than shining a bright light in their face? It blinds them and exposes them, and the police do it constantly, so it must work. Modern LED spotlights are now brighter than ever, and they are highly energy efficient and commonly can be found with motion detection capabilities, allowing for low power use and a higher than ever shock factor.

How would you feel if something as avoidable as a home invasion were to happened to you? The truth is that it happens to many thousands of Australians a year, and all you need to do to change this is to install a few simple deterrents.